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Buckhannon Fire Department

Interested in Joining?
We will have somebody from our organization contact you to answer any recruitment related questions.

Over a century of service to the City of Buckhannon and surrounding communities.

Staffing is at Critical Levels

From the early 2000's until now the Buckhannon Fire Department has experienced a severe reduction in overall staffing. The department was at one time supported by over 40 volunteers and is now operating with less than 10. While the City of Buckhannon has sought to decrease the burden by adding additional career staff, this option requires substantial funding. Please consider joining our team today!


What's the training like?

While the training does require certain physical capability and commitment, the Buckhannon Fire Department has plenty of instructors on staff to help interested individuals succeed. Our probationary training will more than prepare you to be successful in achieving state certification and on the emergency scene.

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